Film Appreciation

“This story of a young rural woman dreaming about the big city goes beyond the tale of an individual aspiring for change. The film throws light on very important actual themes. These populations are ready to welcome the changes that will allow them to remain farmers in their homeland. Roshni is not naive, she is an amazing young woman. Beyond its beautiful story and actual thematic, ROSHNI speaks about the balance on Earth, and the precious treasures we need to cherish. Integrating, amongst others, the wonderful participation of Dr. Vandana Shiva, a personality we do not need to present. We highly recommend this documentary that not only promotes wise development and sustainability but also values rural communities and their wonderful work.”
Sophie Chaubaroux
Head of Communications
Norlha, The University of Lausanne, Switzerland

“The team at MWFF extends their heartfelt gratitude for your participation in our film festival. We were honored to host your documentary at our festival. ROSHNI was well received by all those who came out to see it, in fact it was one of the films that had the best feedback from our audiences. We hope that you will choose our festival as a platform for all your films in the future. Thank you once again for making the 4th edition of the Mzansi Women’s Film Festival a special one.”
Mzansi Women’s Film Festival
South Africa

“Loved the film, beautiful music and beautiful meaning to life, particularly for the western world to understand. Well done! Thank you so much for sharing this film with me. I must get back to India soon.”
Paul ‘Salty’ Brincat
Film Sound Engineering & Sound Design
Academy Award Nominee & Emmy® Award Winner

“I have just watched your beautiful movie. I had an early morning screening so that I wouldn’t be disturbed. The movie resonated deep within my soul and the truth of the modern world we live in exposed in such a simple yet powerful and profound way. Congratulations. Thank you so much. I hope it is seen and felt by many. Please let me see all your films!”
Irene Dobson
Film Producer
American & Australian Film Industry

“I watched ROSHNI back to back twice. Thank you for sharing it with me. Somewhere the film really resounds with me. It answers questions that I have been pondering about and raises questions that I still want answered. Vandana Shiva was a real surprise to me in the film, I wasn’t expecting her. I’ve been following her work for over a decade now. As I always say, we have to start a reverse migration from the cities outwards to the villages, for an exchange of learning for the country to be healthy in mind, soul and finance. You are amongst these haloed people making big changes in small ways. Beautiful work.”
Priya Ahluwalia
Film Production Designer
Indian Film Industry

“I just watched your film. It was beautiful, heart tugging and made me tear up in so many parts. So many simple and profound truths so much beauty and of course Dr. Vandana Shiva is always an inspiration for the true way of life. Beautiful film that needs to reach more people! Thank you for making it.”
Eina Ahluwalia
Jewellery Designer
India’s First Conceptual Jewellery Artist

“What a pure and beautiful film. There is a clear thought and ideology that is being told in a very simple and endearing language. The pace of the film is something that we aren’t used to seeing today and it’s nice. You have gone from various sections of the story with much ease. The people are so genuine and lovely and it instantly brings a smile to the face and one wants to watch the film and what it’s telling us and as I did, maybe all viewers want to aspire to capture that simplicity of living. Beautiful. Roshni is such a delightful person. The film is really poetic, simple and beautiful. It talks about simplicity and beauty in such a charming and enriching way.
Sunitha Ram
Film Producer
Indian Film Industry

“ROSHNI is a refreshing and very well-made documentary that not only showcases the beauty of Upper Beas valley but also portrays life of simple hill people living in remote and difficult parts of Himachal Pradesh in a sensitive and understanding manner. The spontaneity, naturalness and simplicity of the lead character Roshni, who represents a typical hill woman, has been captured beautifully. Her worldviews and insights about our environment and ecosystem are not very different from what experts have to say on the matter. I appreciate the efforts of the Producers, Directors and the entire film crew and wish the documentary all success.”
Rakesh Kanwar (IAS)
Secretary – Agriculture and Language, Art & Culture, Himachal Pradesh
Former Deputy Commissioner Kullu District
Himachal Pradesh State Government, India